Rollerball "Mood Series" Make-and-Take Workshop Kit

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The Rollerball™ "Mood Series" Make & Take Workshop Kit is a great place to start for a class on emotions. The blends are formulated to help users embrace positive emotions and release negative ones.

The Rollerball Mood Series Make & Take Workshop Kit is a great place to start in planning a basic introductory class. This class focuses on topics like: embracing love, gratitude, clarity, harmony, and confidence; and releasing feelings of worry, grief, sadness, fury, and suffering. This workshop is great because it is interesting to those who are new to essential oils as well as to those who already use them. The rollerball blends are an awesome way to allow new users to try the oils because they are inexpensive and simple to use. The kit includes all the paper materials that you need to host the workshop and create the different blends. Makes 10 kits. You can approach the workshop multiple ways such as giving away a free rollerball blend to new attendees or charging a flat fee for each blend made, a partial set (e.g. 5 rollerball blends) or for a full kit (all 10 rollerball blends, 1 spray, and all materials needed to make them). The 10 rollerball blends include: Release Fury, Release Grief, Release Sadness, Release Suffering, Release Worry, Embrace Clarity, Embrace Confidence, Embrace Gratitude, Embrace Harmony, Embrace Love, and My Happiness Spray. The Roll-on Clutch fits the whole rollerball set perfectly!

What is included?

This kit includes the following items:

  • 20 - Postcard Invitations
  • 10 - Waterproof Bottle Label Sets
  • 10 - Recipe Sheets
  • 1 - Workshop Tips Sheet
  • 2 - Giveaway Sheets with 5 labels of each recipe

You will also need the following items that do not come in the kit:

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