"Progeny's Potions" Assorted Waterproof Sticker Tops (Set of 88)

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These sticker tops quickly identify blends in the "Progeny's Potions" Make & Take Workshop Kit. The fit perfectly on a roll-on bottle.

These lid stickers quickly identify blends you've conjured up from the "Progeny's Potions" make-&-take workshop. They fit not only the 10 ml vials specified in the kit, but also work for any smaller sample vials you might wish to make. Includes labels for Defense, Dream, Ear, Focus, Grow, Happy, Head, Nose, Seasonal, and Tummy. (Note: blank labels can be used for the bonus Skinor Tooth blends on the workshop recipe sheet.) Great for additional giveaways of blends before, during, or after your event.

Size: ½" diameter (each label).

What is included? 1 sheet with 8 labels of 10 different blends, plus 8 blank labels (88 total).

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