Probiotic Unscented Deodorant

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This all-natural deodorant eliminates bacterial growth with probiotics while drying armpits and moisturizing skin. Unscented to allow customized aromas by adding essential oils.

This all-natural deodorant not only has probiotics added to it, but you can customize the smell to your own preference! This special mix of ingredients create a deodorant that moisturizes the skin, drys the armpit, cancels odor by eliminating bacterial growth, and based on the essential oil you use, gives off a pleasant aroma. You can easily try out new aromas by simply changing the essential oil. To do this, simply scoop a little of the deodorant on your finger, add a drop of oil, and apply. You can also stretch your oil by simply placing a drop or two in the jar and rubbing it around the top. This provides many uses of that particular oil before you need to add another drop to the jar.

This deodorant is made from many natural ingredients including Baking Soda, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Sweet Almond Oil, and Probiotics.

Size: 2" height x 2?" diameter. Each container holds 2 oz. of deodorant (1/4 cup).

What is included? This item includes 1 salve jar filled with unscented deodorant.

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