Premium "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" SpringLock™ Set with Roll-ons and Accessories

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Mix up your own blends and enjoy the benefits of essential oils every day with this Premium SpringLock™ Roller Bottle Blends Kit! It comes with everything you need to make your own roll-on blends—roll-on bottles with leak-proof fitments, simple blend recipes and matching labels, plastic pipettes, and an oil key.

"Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Booklet. Organized for physical, mental, and emotional support, this beautiful booklet is filled with blend recipes for convenient use at home, work, or on-to-go. Includes a section for kids and summarizes the benefits of topical application and how to make a roll-on blend.

Blank "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Oil Lock Labels and Lid Stickers. Get cute, customizable labels and lid stickers for the essential oil blends featured in "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use"! The colored sheet includes matching label and lid sticker sets to help you more easily identify your roll-on blends. The blank sheet has corresponding clear, oil-locking overlay stickers to protect your labels from smudging when coming in contact with oils. To use, simply write the oil blend name on the large label, stick it onto the bottle's side, and lock your label with the clear overlay sticker. It's that easy!

Patent-Pending SpringLock™ Stainless Steel Rollers with Lids for 1/6 and 1/3 oz. Roll-on Vials. Get greater application control with our exclusive, patent-pending SpringLock™ stainless steel rollers with lids—premium, leak-proof, spring-loaded fitment. Gives greater application control. Does not leak. Will not soften from contact with any essential oil. Seals by spring-compressing ball against fitment. Prevents essential oil evaporation if left open.

1 ml Plastic Disposable Pipette. Quickly and easily dispense liquids, create samples, and transfer liquids with an inexpensive, disposable plastic pipette! Non-sterile. Comes with graduated markings on the side for greater control when dispensing.

Large Plastic Oil Key for Orifice Reducers and Roll-On Vials. Inserting and removing orifice reducers and roll-on bottle fitments is easy with our plastic oil keys! These handy little tools can open and close 5, 10, and 15 ml essential oil vials, ¼ and ⅝ dram vials, and 10 ml roll-on bottles.

What are you waiting for? Mix up some blends and keep on rollin'!

What is included?

Benefits of Topical Application
Carrier Oils
How-To Basics
Energizing Blends
Focus Blends
Relaxing Blends
Emotional Support Blends
Massage Blends
Blends for Specific Conditions
Blends for Kids
Relaxing and Focus Blends

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