Perfuser Aroma Necklace with Essential Oil Vial

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Carry your favorite essential oil with you in this beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry featuring genuine Swarovski crystals!

Carry your favorite essential oil with you in this beautiful piece of jewelry featuring genuine Swarovski crystals! Each Perfuser™ necklace features a small glass oil vial with a cork stopper, on a black cord. The necklaces are lovingly handcrafted to make an elegant fashion statement while giving you the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere! This piece of jewelry makes a great conversation starter. Just fill the small glass vial with oil, insert the cork stopper, and let the oil diffuse subtly through the cork. Having the oil on you to apply topically when needed is also a great benefit of this pendant! Patent-pending design.

Note: Charm colors can vary slightly in color and size.

Size: The pendant measures 2 cm x 2½ cm. The cord measures 32". Note: Sizes can vary slightly.

What is included? This item comes with the diffuser pendant, black cord, and 2 extra cork stoppers.


  • Attractive
  • Have a small amount of oil on you when you need to apply it topically.
  • The oil subtly diffuses through the cork stopper.
  • You control the amount of diffusion by adjusting the cork stopper. The looser the cork stopper is inserted into the bottle, the stronger the aroma.

How to Fill Your Pendant with Oil: Simply pull out the cork stopper and fill by dropping oil in or by using a pipette.

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