Liver Cleansing Handbook, by Rhody Lake

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Product Description

Prevent disease with a healthy liver?

The liver's job is to detoxify your body and purify your bloodstream. A healthy liver is essential in preventing disease and achieving optimal health. However, your liver can easily become overburdened with toxins such as pesticide residues, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, bad fats, and food additives. When it's not working properly, a host of chronic and degenerative diseases can result.

How do you know when your liver is overloaded, and what can you do to heal it?

The Liver Cleansing Handbook will give you information on:

  • Liver distress signals.
  • The liver's role in weight loss.
  • A liver-cleansing menu.
  • Safe ways to eliminate toxins.
  • Tasty recipes and herbs for liver health.

Size: This book measures 8½" x 6½" and is 62 pages.

Table of Contents

A Toxic World
Bile Balance
Your Liver or Your Life
Liver Distress Signals
Easing the Digestion Process
Bulk Up Your Diet
Weight Loss
Kitchen Wisdom
Foods to Choose
Foods to Refuse
Attitude is Altitude
The Liver Cleanse
Liver-Loving Herbs
Planning the Liver-Cleansing Menu
Banana-Apple Muesli
Bircher-Muesli with Sesame Seeds
Avocado Duo with Carrots and Beets
Mediterranean Bread Salad
Tofu and Salad Greens
Colorful Cabbage Salad
Endive Salad with Potato
Waldorf Salad
Assorted Vegetable with Frisee
Irish Colcannon
Yam and Parsnip Curry
Pumpkin-Broccoli Pot
Tomato/Broccoli Simmer
Artichoke Herb Dip
Cashew Cheese Spread
Sunflower Seed and Vegetable Pate
Rhody's Health Combo
Aunt Rhody's Seedy Soup and Salad Topping


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