Hole Punch for Sample Vials

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Product Description

Attaching vials to your samples cards and making crafts is a cinch with this handy, mini hole punch! To assemble your sample cards, simply punch the card or paper you would like to share and attach a ? dram or ⅝ dram sample vial through the hole by taking off the cap, sliding the neck of the vial through the hole, and putting the cap back on. Whether you're using card stock, UV coated, or glossy photo paper, this hole punch can cut through a couple layers at a time. It also has a lock on the bottom that accommodates for safe, stackable storage. For more accurate cuts, try using the hole punch upside down.

Size: This item measures ¾" tall x 1" wide x 2½" deep.

What is included? This item includes 1 hole punch.


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