Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Aroma Ready™ shipping costs so high?
We only charge what it costs us to ship your package to you. Shipping rates are determined by the USPS or UPS carrier and are determined by the total weight of all the products being shipped and the delivery destination. You can always include a note in the comments box at checkout asking us to find a lower cost shipping option, and we will adjust your invoice if we can find a way to reduce the shipping. You can also place your order over the phone at 1-866-412-3930, and we can help you find the least expensive way for us to ship your package.
Also, please note that all taxes and duties are the customer’s responsibility.


Why does the website put me in a loop when I'm trying to select a shipping method or when I'm checking out?
If you are checking out, our website will ask you to sign in as an existing customer or to sign up as NEW customer. If you are an existing customer, sign in and proceed with your order. If you are a NEW customer, click the "new customer" button, and enter your information. Occasionally, the website will take you back to the screen asking you to sign in as a new or existing customer. If this is the case, you must select to log in as an existing customer using the information you've just entered. This should take you to the end of the ordering process.


Can I get bulk/wholesale pricing?
We offer quantity pricing on many of our items to all of our customers. Select the item you are looking for, and click the "view quantity discounts" button. All items that qualify for quantity discounts are set with predetermined price breaks. If you buy above one of the amounts listed on the quantity pricing page, you will receive the item for the corresponding quantity price break. If an item does not qualify for quantity pricing, you will not see the "view quantity discounts" button on that item. Your quantity discounts will show up at the bottom of the shopping cart as a total discount.


It doesn't show what my credit is online. How can I use my credit on file?
Credits on file are entered manually into our system and do not register online. Typically, when a credit is created, we email you a copy to keep for your records. If you are placing an order over the phone, you can ask the representative to apply your credit. If you are placing an order online, please leave a note in the comments box, and we will apply your credit once the order is received. We will adjust the amount when your order ships.


What is processing time, and how long will it take to get my order?
Orders can take 3-5 business days to process. The processing time does not include the time the order takes in shipping. Please check our Shipping Information link to see how long shipping takes from us to you once it is processed. Carriers do not include the shipping day in their calculated shipping time frame. UPS does not include Saturday and Sunday, and USPS does not include Sunday. Any holiday observed by the carrier is not included in the shipping time frame. Orders selected with an expedited shipping method like UPS 2-Day, 3-Day, or Next Day will ship the same day they are placed as long as they are placed before NOON, Mountain Time. If your order is placed after noon, it will ship the following business day if an expedited shipping method is selected. USPS does not guarantee their shipping time frame estimates but typically takes 2–3 business days from the day it is shipped to any zip code within the U.S. If you need an order for an event or class, please let us know! You can contact Customer Service or leave a note on your order, and we will ensure that your order ships in time or contact you if expedited options are necessary. To see our shipping terms and policies, please see the following link:


Is it safe to put essential oils in plastic bottles?
Generally, it is not recommended to store undiluted essential oils in plastic containers, as some constituents in certain essential oils can break down specific types of plastic at high concentrations. This may compromise the oil and may cause leakage. Essential oils that are diluted with a carrier oil, or are a small part of a cream, lotion, or soap recipe, however, can be safely stored in a high-grade plastic bottle or container (such as the ones we carry) for several months.


My roller balls won't roll. How do I lubricate my roller ball?
If the roller balls are too tight, you can move them manually with your thumb. Once they have been moved and lubricated, you will see that they begin to move freely. If the roller balls are too loose, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-728-0070. We can issue you a replacement for any roller balls that are not working properly. Please contact Customer Service within 30 days of receipt and reference your original receipt number.


I am having a problem with my spray top. What should I do?
– My tube is too long: the tubes of most of our spray tops are intended to fit several bottle sizes. If the tube is too long, you can trim it at angle to the desired length; or, if it is flexible, push it all the way into the bottle, and it will curl at the bottom.
– It will not spray: check to see if the top is in the unlock position by pushing the button on the neck of the top from lock to unlock in a left to right motion.


What is the difference between the capsules?
The vegetable capsules have 2 sizes, 0 and 00. The size difference is pictured below. We also have 2 types, regular and Design Release. Design-Release capsules are specially designed to dissolve slower than normal vegetarian capsules so that they will reach the intestines before releasing the oils.