Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy, by Scott A. Johnson, ND

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This researched resource has it all: in-depth profiles for 88 botanical species of essential oils, simple-to-follow protocols for over 450 common health conditions, age-specific protocols for over 100 childhood ailments, and a guide for using essential oils safely and effectively during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and lactation.

Whether you are new to essential oils, a long-time veteran, or a practitioner wishing to integrate essential oils into your practice, this book will quickly become your go-to resource! From in-depth profiles for 88 botanical species of essential oils (including comprehensive safety information and drug interactions) to simple to follow protocols for more than 450 common health conditions, and a section for children with age-specific protocols for more than 100 childhood ailments to a complete guide for using essential oils safely and effectively during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and lactation, this book has it all. Thousands of hours of research, clinical observations, ancient practices, and practical use are distilled into this ultimate guide to essential oils that combines evidence-based research with the art of natural healing to realize that maximum benefits of therapeutic essential oils.

"Provides thoroughly researched guidelines for the safe and effective use of essential oils... parents and providers alike will use this evidence-based information often for their loved ones and patients." ? Carol Brinkman, NP, AFMCP, Certified in Functional Medicine

"A comprehensive, easy to use guide for parents from a reputable source... I will be recommending this guide not only to my families but to other physicians who need a resource when families ask about the incorporation of oils into their treatment plan." ? Dr. Natalie Lambajian-Drummond, MD, Parents Magazine 'Our Favorite Pediatricians' 2014

Size: 504 pages; 7" wide x 10" tall x 1?" deep.
Published in 2018.

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Dr. Scott A. Johnson is the bestselling author of eight books and more than 250 articles featured in online and print publications. He has a doctorate in naturopathy, is a board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP), a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist (CCMA), and Certified Professional Coach (CPC). His evidence-based approach to natural healing and experience conducting medical research make him one of the world's leading experts on the therapeutic application of essential oils. Dr. Johnson pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy, which combines the art of ancient healing with modern science to maximize the benefits of essential oils. One of his research focuses is the safety of essential oils, and he has published internationally on the subject. He is an acclaimed international speaker and has delivered keynote presentations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Johnson draws on his wealth of experience and diverse educational background as he travels the globe to share the secrets of natural healing with those who seek greater wellness.

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