Terra-Cotta Pendant Diffusers

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These handcrafted terra-cotta pendant diffusers let you take your favorite essential oil scents with you all day.

Apply one drop of your favorite essential oil to the surface of this pendant, allow to absorb fully, and wear!

Size: The pendant measures about 1" x 1" (sizes may vary). The cord measures 22".

What is included? This item includes one diffuser pendant and an adjustable black cord.


  • No leak or mess
  • Adjustable cord
  • Quickly soaks into the clay and allows you to smell the oil for many hours
  • You can change the oil you use as often as desired.

How to use: Just place 1-2 drops of essential oil on the surface of the pendant. Allow to dry for about one minute before wearing. You may choose a different oil each day, if you wish.

Tip: For those who sell essential oils, one great way to get a prospect interested is to let them experience the oils by loaning them a pendant with a drop of oil on it for a few days. Follow up with them when you retrieve the pendant to find out how they liked the oil, how it affected them, and answer any questions they have.

Caution: Since the oil on this pendant may contact your skin, you may wish to avoid oils that irritate the skin or induce photosensitivity. Refer to the safety information on the oil label.

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