High on Yoga DVD by Laura Holbrook

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Product Description

This high-quality DVD is great whether you are a beginner or have practiced yoga for years. With soft music and the autumn beauty of the Rocky Mountains in the background, Laura Holbrook takes you through your choice of a 30-minute or one-hour yoga workout. She carefully demonstrates each posture and shows how it can be adapted to your skill and comfort level. You don't have to be able to bend like a pretzel in order to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga! Filmed entirely outdoors, this wonderful DVD will help you increase your energy, lose weight, learn to relax, let go of unhealthy habits, and get a natural high on yoga!

Laura says, "As human beings we seek out experiences that make us feel good. We crave that altered state, whether it be through food, music, or overindulgence in anything. We all have habits, some of which can lead to negative consequences. So the question is ... how can we achieve a natural high with positive consequences? Through the practice of yoga breathing and postures we quiet the inner critic and wake up our true authentic voice."

What is included? The item includes a DVD, a reference card suggesting various essential oils and blends to use during parts of the session, and bonus full-color pose insert to help you practice the basic postures.


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