Blank White Moisture-Resistant Polyester Laser Labels, 2-5/8" x 1" (Sheet of 30 labels—5, 10, and 15 ml vials)

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Product Description

These fantastic new labels are perfect for applications that require more oil or water resistance. Each durable polyester label is specially coated to help repel moisture, and protect the printed surface, while still allowing you to print your own custom labels on them using a regular laser printer! This makes these labels perfect for labeling items that will be used in the kitchen or bathroom where they might get wet, or even outdoors where they are exposed to the elements. To create your label, simply use a standard Avery? 5160™ template in your favorite word processing software and print.

Size: Each label measures 2⅝" x 1". The sheet measures out to 8½" x 11".

What is included? There is one sheet with blank 30 labels (3 columns of 10 labels each).

*Note: These labels are not oil or moisture proof, and the printing may smear or the label may fall off when subjected to liquids.


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