"Essential Oils and The Brain for Children" Handouts (Set of 25)

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How to use essential oils, DIY blends, and supplements to support healthy neurological development and address difficulties in children.

This timely handout discusses how essential oils can be used to support healthy brain function in children. The front page gives a brief introduction about what essential oils are, how they affect the brain, and different application methods with recommendations specifically for children. Then, it discusses the following sections and emotions associated with them: behavior, brain cell activity, focus and concentration, grief and sadness, healthy habits, memory and learning, stress, and worry and unease. Each topic includes numerous suggested protocols specific to children: essential oils, supplements, and suggested do-it-yourself blends. The brochure also illustrates pulse and reflexology points specific to the brain.

Size: 8½" wide x 11" tall folded; 11" tall x 17" wide unfolded.

What is included? This item includes 25 guide sheets (2-page foldout).

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