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Connecting and Disconnecting the Blue LED Lights on the Ultrasonic Diffuser 

We have received several requests from our customers for instructions on how to disconnect and connect the blue LED lights on the ultrasonic diffuser. The only tool required to do this is a Phillips screwdriver and the instructions below:
Unplug the diffuser completely from the power adapter. Empty any water from the diffuser and allow it to dry completely. Remove the clear plastic cover from the diffuser and set aside.
Turn the diffuser upside down and set it on your work surface so the front of the diffuser is facing towards you. Unscrew (turning counter-clockwise) each of the five screws located around the edge of the diffuser. Lift the bottom of the diffuser case straight up and away from the main diffuser piece.
CAUTION: Once the diffuser is opened, be certain not to touch any of the electrical components other than those specified in the instructions below.
On the left hand side of the main circuit board for this diffuser, locate the white junction box located between the resistors marked "R4" and "R6" (there are three boxes on the left hand side of that circuit board, the one you want is the one located closest to you). From this box, you will notice a red and a black wire each going out to one of the LED lights located around the edge of the diffuser.
Firmly grasp either the two wires, or the edge of the plug that comes into the white junction box.
Pull the plug firmly to the side until it un-plugs from the junction box (this plug has two tiny plastic tabs that hold it in place in the junction box, so does take a firm grip and a bit of force to pull the plug out from the box). The blue LED lights are now disabled for this diffuser.
Replace the bottom of the diffuser case onto the main part of the diffuser, and screw each of the five screws back in (clock-wise) until they are all snug. Turn the diffuser right-side-up. You can now re-fill the diffuser, plug it back in, and run it normally. The lights will stay off. If you would like to turn the lights back on, just plug the two wires back into the "J6" junction box, and the lights will come on the next time you run the diffuser.


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